Together we can develop
Change Makers everywhere…

Engaging, Inspiring, and Developing Change Makers

The Change Makers Community

Anyone can make change happen. We want to help you to make an impact and contribution in your community, charity, or voluntary organisation, wherever you are in the world…

Why have a Change Makers Community?

So that we can help to develop Change Makers everywhere so they can change their world.

Are YOU a Change Maker? Or would you like to become one?

We believe that by enhancing the Change Maker mindset and skills anyone can make a positive change.

What is The Change Makers Community?

At The Change Maker Group, we believe that we have a responsibility to leave a legacy of Change Makers who can shape society, doing remarkable things for people around them.

We want to ENGAGE; INSPIRE; and DEVELOP Change Makers worldwide, helping Change Makers to make the changes they wish to see.

That’s why we invest 100% of our profits in The Change Makers Community, helping to support you, develop you and inspire you to become a successful Change Maker and make a positive difference.

How will The Change Makers Community accomplish this?


By meeting, chatting, sharing, connecting, and collaborating with other Change Makers globally. If you are a member of a Charity Board, talk to us about our ‘Strategic Change Boards’. We are also very active in the social media, please join us, share your stories and ideas. Join us on the Facebook Change Maker Community page and on our LinkedIn page too for the latest news, updates and discussions.


By communicating and applauding the great and small works of Change Makers everywhere. Our social media highlights and celebrates Change Maker Hero stories worldwide. Also, we have a wide range of articles on every related subject found in our Change Maker blogs! Come in and enjoy!


By sharing our many resources and the time of The Change Maker Group members to grow the skills and mindsets of Change Makers everywhere:

There really are lots of opportunities!

If there is something else you need to help you be an effective Change Maker, just let us know, we have an extensive group of hugely experienced Change Makers ready to help!