How to get access to our microlearning on SmartUp

  • On your Smartphone or tablet – search for and download the SmartUp Learn app from your app store. Type in the community name and sign-up.
  • On a browser, go to and sign-up

How to sign up to SmartUp

Signing up is easy – you just need an email address or use your social media login.

There really is no charge or subscription cost. Just sign up!

You then have access to a growing library of learning materials, all about being a Change Maker!

You can access the microlearning modules in any order, and start and stop them as you please. Each module is intended to take between 5 and 10 minutes, making them perfect for filling a few free moments with some focused learning. We’re adding new modules all the time, so there will always be something to learn, and something relevant to your activities.

Share the app with your friends. We’d love millions of Change Makers to benefit.

We’re really grateful to our Partner Smartup for providing the app for free to support Change Makers.